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Wind and wave

Wind and wave conditions, spot info, etc.

  • What are the wind conditions during the year? – The wind in Cape Verde is the best from the end of November to April. The summer has already less regular windy days. The wind´s force reaches mostly the range from 15 to 30 knots. The windward side of the island is even disgustingly stable. By contrast, in the Bay of Santa Maria or at Ponta Preta you should count with occasional gusts.For more information use our interasctive map with description of most of the spots here at Cabo Verde.
  • what are the wave conditions during the year? – The best seasonfor a NW swells is in winter – Dec – March. You can be lucky and have some waves even in October, but it is better to wait for a forecast before booking a flight. Same works in April and May. In summer there are swells form south. But this is just about surfing on smaller waves.
  • Do i need a wetsuit? – During winter season there is pleasant 25°C and water 22°C (summer 28°C). Therefore we recomend to have 2mm shorty wetsuit.But dont forget to use a suncream at least 30FP
  • How can i reach the spots? Easily – Take a taxi. No need to hire the car as far as you are not a wave seeker who needs to drive all around island to find a perfect wave. Kitebeach: 5euro, Ponta Preta: 5euro, Canoa: 15euro, Alibaba: 20euro
  • I am a beginner and i have read that Cabo Verde is more about waves, is there a place for beginners or just freeride? – Yes! The kitebeach! Side onshore winds – sandy beach and choppy water. Every taxi from town takes you there for 5euro. Only if you are used to shalow water and total flat, it will take half day to get used to it. Maybe not even this. Otherwise you can try it in town. But gusty winds makes there kiteboarding more challange than fun.
  • I am experienced waverider. Where i can go exept Ponta Preta? And how are the conditions there? – For this information use our interactive map in the right side of webpage. There are more spots, secret spots etc. And it really depends on the direction of swell, then you can decide where to go. Basicly NE and N swells works on Ponta Leme. (up to 4m high) N a NNW swells works: Alibaba, Palmeira, Coral Joul (the last one is not recomended at all, if there is swell 3m – you will have 6m monsters and very dangerous. Coral Joul is good when other spots are flat) NW and W works Ponta Preta, Canoa, Calheta Funda (and Monte Leao for surf)
  • I would like to come to surf, what are the conditions? – The conditions for surfing on Sal are just great. In the middle of Atlantic ocean the islands are hitted by numerous swells during winter (NW) and windswell too (NE). It creates many surf days during winterseason. All around west coast there are spots and some of them are in windshadow, so there are glassy waves too. Spots like Monnte Leao, Alibaba, Palmeira are MUST. And last but not least – NO CROWDS! It is not pumpig all the time. But next to the pier you can always find at least 0.5m wave.
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