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Cape Verde

Cape Verde Islands – The islands of eternal summer – are found in tropical temperate belt in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,500 km beneath the Canarian islands and 500 km from Africa. It consists of 15 islands of which each island is different and has its unique charm.

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This island, whose name means „salt“ in Portuguese, is the busiest tourist destination from Cape Verde and the vast majority of people interested in holidays in Cape Verde chooses it as their holiday destination. Why is this so? In Sal there is sunny weather 350 days a year on average, the resorts and other tourist infrastructure are at the highest level, it is also an ideal place for water sports like windsurfing, kite surfing or surfing and even the night life centered in the town of Santa Maria will offer bars, restaurants with excellent seafood and even discotheques. In short, everything that is rather exceptional on the other Cape Verde islands.

In the town of Santa Maria there is the largest number of hotel complexes. Still you should borne in mind that local tourism is still in its infancy and the exotic spirit of the island is far from being impaired by it. Santa Maria beach is 8 km long and it is a true paradise for devoteers of water sports, which need a wind. In Sala you can take a trip, such as to the sea of lava lakes Buracona, where you can swim or even take a trip to the village of Pedra de Lume, where the former salt mines with salt lakes are very near, there you can also swim but with caution.

Santo Antao

This is the westernmost island of the archipelago of Cape Verde and with its abundant greenery it is often compared with Madeira. South of the island is dry, in the middle part there dominates a cold climate due to the mountain range and in the northeastern part there is a more humid climate, which local inhabitants use for growing papaya and banana. The rocks are sharp on the island and in the same spirit as well as the shore slopes. Generally, the island of Santo Antao is the ideal place for sunbathing on the beach, there is indeed a minimum of beaches there, but it is a good place for someone who is looking for an adventure.

Sao Vicente

On this island, there is situated the largest city in Cape Verde, Mindelo. Architecturally it is exposed to a European colonial style and the city itself is a cultural center with countless artists, painters, musicians and street magicians. The city also holds a huge glitzy carnivals in the style of carnivals in Rio – there are Baía das Gatas in August and a Carnival usually ongoing on Ash Wednesday. The city also holds a large theater festival with international participation from dozens of countries annually in September

Boa Vista

This island, whose name means “good view” in Portuguese, through its small size it can boast with probably the most beautiful beaches in Cape Verde. Beaches here have incredibly fine white sand and are bathed by clear blue sea. Very popular for spending your holiday in Cape Verde is mainly tourist beach Curralinho often known as Santa Monica for its resemblance to the legendary beaches in California.


It is the largest island of Cape Verde, where most of the population lives and there is also the capital city of Praia. The island pulsates with its rich cultural life, the right atmosphere is lively music of Cape Verde, numerous cafes and bars and shops and shops with practically all assortments. At the heart of Praia there is also a formidable Presidential Palace built in the 19th century. A very popular tourist destination for spending your holiday in Cape Verde is a resort Tarrafal, which is imprisoned between the mountains and clear blue sea.